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The Côte d’Azur of Turkey. Will we find it in Bodrum or Çesme and what and where is Alaçati anyway?

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 port Bodrum


The Start

In theory we start our adventure to find the Cote d’Azur of Turkey,  at 11:00 am at the car rental agency since there are four hours between Bodrum and Çeşme.


The only challenge which stands between us and our adventure is the rental office door, which is closed. But, with some helpful advice from the pharmacy next door, and the soup kitchen, we find ourselves in an upgraded brand new automatic car only a short time later.


Our first destination is the Sultan Konak in Alaçati, a small boutique hotel with a very distinctive, personal flair.


But something stops us from continuing directly to Çeşme. What is it? A helpful hint from Ali, the hotel owner`s son, who suggests a visit to the Wyndy Beach Club in Alaçati itself.


Ten minutes later, our car is parked at the Beach Club and we find ourselves immersed in a vibrant atmosphere that blends ‘Surfer Hippie’ with ‘Big Town In-Crowdy’.


My first thought is, “I Like it”, even though the price of a beer is 8,00 €. Why? Because you get a direct view of the tranquil turquoise water, and an opportunity to have the manager waiting on you hand and foot.


In any case, we were urged to stop by again later that evening. No need to ask us twice.


The Night


A quick stopover at the Boutique Hotel Sultan Konak lets us dress for success. Then we follow another of Ali`s tips, a visit to the exciting Fusion Restaurant Alancha. It has a great location on top of a hill, and overlooks the picturesque town of Alaçati itself. The only thing left to say here is,Wow. The food is extraordinary.


Alancha Fusion Cuisine Alacati

Alancha Fusion Cuisine Alacati


After this great experience we are inspired to continue the day. And for the second time, find ourselves at the Wyndy Beach Club.


The doorman greets us with the words: “Sorry only Turkish Music“. Perfect.


The very attractive DJ plays Turkish pop music with an oriental flavour. High end clients, the open air location with warm weather and sea views, and curtains idly flying in the breeze, create a festival for the senses. An impression heightened by the beautiful fruit on ice garnish provided with every drink.


The fact that Mojitos might taste better in Cuba does not detract from the moment. We are here for the joyful ambiance, and the Turkish-Oriental atmosphere creates exactly that.


Tonight, we relax at the Sultan Konak Boutique Hotel. Tomorrow, we head to Çeşme.


The Next Day


Çeşme awaits us. It is a small town situated on a hill but has big beach clubs nearby.


Although the Fly Inn Beach Club is relaxing, it does not feel as special as the day before. So, after a two hour break (and a refreshing Efes beer) we make our way to Bodrum.



Fly Inn Beach Club Cesme



Is this where we will find  the Cote d‘ Azur of Turkey?



Bodrum Castle



Well, what we do find is another treat for our senses, enhanced by the gorgeous accommodation found at the ENA Boutique Hotel.



Ena Boutique Hotel Bodrum

The Second Night


We find it hard to leave our hotel. Why?


The à-la-carte meal, roof terrace and lavish view, combined with a rooftop pool makes it very difficult to even think of going elsewhere.


But in the end curiosity wins out, and we prepare for an evening of discovery.


The Open Air Club Halikarnas is only eight minutes away and right by the sea. Although it boasts high-end DJ‘s, the club is too big for us, so we decide to explore the many other, less hectic venues along the seafront. Sure enough, we realize that is the right thing to do because we discover so many friendly people with a desire to experience the beautiful things in life.


So, we are in the right place after all, no matter if it is called Côte d’Azur or simply Bodrum.


The Findings


The Côte d’Azur is still located in the South of France.


Turkey is completely different, but is no no less appealing. Personally, I was enchanted most by Alaçati, as the Crème de la Crème from Istanbul and Ankara created a sophisticated atmosphere. I Like.




The price of the beer as well as the taste of the Mojito in the Wyndy Beach Club in Alaçati

The more less than more service orientated reception at the ENA Boutique Hotel in Bodrum. But the rest of the team is pure joy incl. the Management.

The entrance fee, as well as the masses in Halikarnos Club in Bodrum


The authentic Turkish Flair in Alaçati

The Clothes Market each Tuesday in Bodrum, a must for any bargain hunter

Boutique Beach Club TAY in Bodrum (You take a boat from the harbour , 5 minutes way, I was told), unfortunately I did not have the opportunity to try it myself yet

An excursion to Kos in Greece (you need your passport), price 20 Euro (2014) both ways. You want to hear more about Kos? Find 11 Reasons why you are in the right place on Kos.



In the Museum you only can pay with Turkish Lira (or with credit card)

Main travelling time (and party) are the summer months

During Ramadan reserve car and restaurants way in advance

If you plan to do Beach Club Hopping, pack many shiny colorful bikinis

A big portion of Southern calmness, just give the smile back



A meal in the Fusion Restaurant Alancha, this is Taste Extravaganza, Service and Event Gastronomy at its finest.

Get a haircut or a shave in one of the many barber shops, and try the traditional face hair removal with a yarn

Despite the high entrance fee (25 Turkish Lira, August 2014) visit the old Crusader Fortress, nowadays a Museum for Underwater Archeology

Tip: take a picnic

Get engaged with the rhythm, try freshly prepared Gözleme with Cheese, Parsley and/or potatoes (excellent street taverns you will find on the way from Bodrum to Izmir in the village of Bafa directly located at the street)



Gözleme in Bafa in Turkey



Have you have travelled in Turkey yourself? Do you have personal insider knowledge? Please share it with us here.

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